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About CureTech

With the belief that healthcare needed to be reimagined, CureTech was created. With a shared passion to challenge the status quo, our team focuses on creating an unparalleled company culture centered around unrivaled distributor partnerships, elevated customer/rep support, personalized patient care and customizable ASC/clinic programs.

With a mission to improve patient outcomes, increase provider satisfaction scores and identify cost-savings, CureTech quickly became the industry leader in mobile DVT prevention and cryo-compression solutions. With coverage across 46-states, 200+ surgery centers depend on CureTech to assist them with identifying gaps in care, eliminate unnecessary spends, protect against readmission claw backs and extend continuum of care for patients at home.

Patient-Focused Care

Our mission is to support physicians by offering advanced technologies and innovative therapies to promote quicker patient recovery, prevent post-op complications & improve patient compliance with greater satisfaction

Physician Centric Service

We pride ourselves on being your one-stop provider for all post-operative care. Similar to the outside surgical teams you depend on, we provide the same level of dependability for patient care once home.

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Patient satisfaction score


Reduction in opioid consumption


Increase in net promoter score and patient satisfaction scores


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